Protac SenSack M 196cm 5,5Kg

SenSack® is a sensory stimulating sleeping bag. Size M 196cm 5,5Kg

  • Reference: 53415


SenSack® is a sensory stimulating sleeping bag, with a top filled with 25mm balls. The pressure and weight of the balls provide sensory stimulation to the body, increasing the user's body awareness, just like the Protac BallBlanket®. Protac SenSack® wraps comfortably and conforms to the body, providing security and a marked calming effect. Both children, young people, adults and the elderly can enjoy Protac SenSack®. The body awareness that this sleeping bag provides is also very suitable for users who suffer from anxiety. The sleeping bag is mainly intended for sleeping, but can also be used during the day for a sensory and relaxing rest. Easy to take on overnight and weekend trips, it's designed to look like a normal sleeping bag. It is dark blue, made of a soft and comfortable polyester, with a layer of Clima Star thermoregulating material, which guarantees a comfortable temperature. The top can be used as a hood and therefore contributes to additional security, or it can be turned and function as a small pillow. In addition, there is a drawstring at the top, which allows you to close the bag. It is equipped with zippers on both sides, which can be opened both from the top and from the bottom, the air can reach the feet. Optionally, it has a cover that repels water, a very interesting accessory to take advantage of outings in nature.ta los pies. En opción, dispone de una funda que repele el agua, accesorio muy interesante para aprovechar las salidas a la naturaleza.

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