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We were pioneers in designing and installing a sensory room in the state.
Nowadays we have more than 25 years of experience in this sector, and we mad more than 500 projects in schools, kindergarten, special education centres, mental health centres, nursing homes, hospitals, pain clinics and companies.

Our proposals you will see in this webpage could be modified and it can be adapted according to your necessities, if you want a personalized budget, contact with us.

BASIC multisensory espace


A friendly package for contained budgets....

ELEMENTAL multisensory espace


With this set you will have an "elementary" room...

EMINENT multisensory espace


To have it all and the best quality.

GRANS multisensory espace


A comfortable and appropriate space for the elderly:...

Multisensory trolley Optima II BASIC


OPTIMA II BASIC It is the basic configuration to...

Multisensory trolley Optima II MAX


If you want to offer sensory...