OMNIA multisensory espace

With this set you will have a sensory room that will have everything!

  • Reference: 00131


It will allow you to do a wide variety of activities and will be an extraordinary resource to achieve your goals.
Apart from being fully operational from the start, it is compatible with future expansions. Contains:

  • Denon® sound equipment in a locked piece of furniture, with 4 Bose® speakers
  • VIBROACCOUSTIC bed with water mattress 100x200 cm. stable F3
  • PROTAC SenSit proprioceptive seat (calming effect)
  • Aroma diffuser, including 4 bottles 10ml of essential oils
  • Waterwave projector
  • Optical fibers (harness of 2 m)
  • Solar projector with three effects discs
  • 175cm Bubble column (includes 30 l. of de-ionized water)
  • Wireless receiver to control the color of the column from an iPad®
  • Black light and fluorescent products
  • Color cloud panel, soundsensitive
  • Tactile elements for stepping and touching
  • Multicolored ambient light (aluminum, 2x2m length)
  • Remote control to turn on and off electrical appliances

Suitable for most users of any age and condition. Assembly and installation within the reach of all (may need to incorporate new additional sockets)

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