Protac SenSit® Frame

Structure with handles and an inclined bottom that offers the Protac SenSit® armchair a flexible use.

  • Reference: 53299


Protac SenSit® Frame is a frame with handles and in inclined bottom giving the Protac SenSit® chair several user-friendly features. The handles makes it easier for the user to enter and get up from the chair and the inclined bottom makes the seating position in the chair higher and more comfortable for persons with motor disabilities.

The frame has two wheels in the back. They make it possible to tilt and in that way easily move the chair without lifting or dragging it. This also facilitates cleaning and improves a flexible usage of chair when it can easily be moved around from room to room.

The Protac SenSit® Frame is suitable for both the low and high version of the Protac SenSit®.

  • Combines comfortable seating with sensory stimulation in the chair
  • Contributes to increased self-help and thereby quality of life
  • User friendly for both elderly and persons with disabilities
  • Enables flexible use of Protac SenSit®
  • Easy to sit down and get up again

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