Protac® BallBase 90x200 cm

Sensory stimulation mattress topper with integrated balls that provides a remarkable relaxing effect during rest and/or sleep

  • Reference: 53401


Protac® BallBase is a top mattress with sensory-stimulating balls, which can be used discreetly in ordinary beds and in care and hospital beds.

Provides calming sensory stimulation throughout the body during rest and sleep in children, young people, adults and seniors. The mattress topper has a soft side and an extra soft side, which is used according to the need for sensory stimulation and the user's preference.

People with sensory disorders often have difficulty calming down, feeling their body, and therefore falling asleep at night. The mattress topper is filled with balls and its variable pressure sends a signal to the body to calm down and in this way contributes to a delimitation of the body, a better body sensation, security and peace, both for the body and for the mind.

People with a high need for sensory stimulation can increase the calming effect by combining Protac® BallBase with the Protac® BallBlanket.

Dimensions: 90 x 200 cm

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