Protac BallBlanket® Classic 100x140cm 3,3kg *trevira

Blanket with plastic balls that stimulate both the tactile and proprioceptive sense. With the user’s movement, the balls also move and transmit to the brain a new feeling of pressure and touch.
The sensory stimulation is changing and the sensory impression is lasting.

Essential for people with anxiety and / or suffering from moderate or severe sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep or resting at night.

  • Reference: 53104


CLASSIC. Filled with 38mm EVA plastic balls.
CE certificate in accordance with Class I Medical Devices
100% Trevira CS flame retardant fabric, which meets international standards on fire safety, because it contains fibers and filaments with this safety function.
Weight: 3,3kg


  • Provides calm, well-being and tranquility
  • Increases proprioceptive and tactile stimulation thanks to the balls, which activate the body's receptors
  • Reinforces the perception of the body
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Significantly decreases anxiety

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