ELEMENTAL multisensory espace

With this set you will have an "elementary" room ¡that will have everything!

With a small budget you will achieve your goals and, apart from being operational from the beginning, it is compatible with future extensions.

  • Reference: 00120


This ELEMENTAL Multisensory Room includes:

  • Denon® sound equipment with 2 Bose® speakers
  • Bed with water mattress (100 x 200 cm / stable F3)
  • Protac® SenSit seat
  • Aroma diffuser, including 4 bottles 10ml of essential oils
  • Laserstars projector
  • Optical fibres (harness of 2 m)
  • Solar projector with three effects discs
  • 175cm Bubble column (includes 30 l. of de-ionized water)
  • Wireless receiver to control the colour of the column from an iPad®
  • Black light and fluorescent products
  • Colour cloud panel, sound-sensitive
  • Tactile elements for stepping and touching
  • Multicoloured ambient light (aluminium, 2x2m length)
  • Remote control to turn on and off electrical appliances

For users of any age and condition.
Easy assembly and installation, available to everyone (We recommend the help of a professional to put sockets in the places where you want to place the devices).

This proposal could be modified and can be adapted according to your necessities, if you want a personalized budget, contact with us.

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